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Religious Neon Signs: Cross & Church Neon Signs

Open for Prayer Neon Sign Religious neon signs offer the perfect medium for increasing membership to your congregation, extending a hearty welcome to newcomers, or simply wishing passersby a peaceful quotation. Inspirational neon signs like the “open for prayer” one you see to the left are a unique and colorful way to attract the eye and creatively communicate your message.

Neon signs can be custom made with the name of your church, temple, synagogue, or any other places of worship or religious institutions. They also make great gifts for friends and family of the faithful!



Below are some examples of custom neon signs that have been requested from us for churches and other faith-based organizations. These can be made in practically any size, shape, and color!

In Christ Alone Neon Sign Jesus Saves Cross Neon Sign Love Fellowship Church Neon Sign

A popular neon sign for Christian-oriented business is the Christian fish open neon sign like the one you see below. We can include any word within the fish symbol as well! We can also make neon signs of any Bible chapter (for example, the John 3:16 neon sign below) or any other words of faith that you desire.

Christian Fish Open Neon Sign John 3:16 Neon Sign

At Neon and More we can customize a neon sign in any size in a multitude of colors. Our designers are top-of-the-line, and the talent and diligence of our assembly team is second to none. Please contact us for a quote for your neon sign and see why we can’t be beat when it comes to custom neon!

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