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Custom Neon Signs for Man Caves: The Basics

Custom Neon Signs for Man Caves


What is a man cave exactly? According to Wikipedia, “a male sanctuary, such as a specially equipped garage, spare bedroom, media room, den, or basement” where “guys can do as they please without fear of upsetting the any female sensibility about the decor or design.” Also known as a “Mantuary” or other portmanteau involving the word “man”, man caves are typically a converted garage, attic, basement, or outdoor tool shed. Some things you’ll typically find in a man cave: A poker table, beer on tap, a giant tool box, a flat screen T.V. on the wall, etc. You know what else goes great on the wall of a man cave? Since you’re on this website I bet you can probably guess: Custom Neon signs! Here’s a list of the 5 most popular neon signs that are ordered to decorate the walls of various man caves:

Poker Neon Signs: When you picture of a group of male friends gathered around a table, smoking cigars and drinking craft beer, what game you do imagine them playing? If you guessed Mah-jongg, you’re way, way off buddy. No, it’s poker, and a poker neon sign hanging on the wall makes it all the more authentic. Custom Neon Poker Sign
Car Neon Signs: Cars are another staple of manly enthusiasm that I needn’t explain. Do you have a favorite car that you’d like to see in neon hanging above your giant red tool box? Well, it just so happens that we can make Custom Neon Signs of any car that you want. A Delorean? A Stutz Bearcat? The Homer? Contact us today and we can make a neon sign of any car that you can think of. Custom Car Neon Sign
Sports Teams Neon Signs: Next on the list: Sports – the most popular pastime amongst the male species (participating and watching) and arguably the best Huey Lewis and the News album. Most everyone has their favorite sports team, and displaying your favorite team in neon on the wall of your man cave can really brighten up the place with your teams’ colors. And I mean ANY team, because we can make a neon sign of the UC Santa Cruz Banana Slug if you want. Custom Sports Team Neon Sign
Beer Neon Signs: Next comes beer, which usually goes hand-in-hand with sports if you’re watching the game in a man cave. Just like custom neon bar signs, neon beer signs make a nice addition to the walls of your manctuary (ones featuring scantily clad women as seen here are quite popular). From Bud Light to the rarest Trappist Beer from the monasteries of Belgium, we can make a neon beer sign of any brand under the blue moon. Miller genuine Draft Neon Sign
Pop Culture Neon Signs. Neon signs for a Man Cave don’t have to only be about a topic you’d see on an episode of Home Improvement. Neon signs can be fun, pop-culture inspired, and even a little bit nerdy. A Dr. Who TARDIS, a cereal box mascot, your favorite quote from Seinfeld, or a superhero’s logo (seen here). As if I haven’t mentioned it enough, we can turn practically ANYTHING into a neon sign, so don’t hesitate to head over to our custom neon sign page and get the perfect wall decoration for your man cave! Custom Superman Neon Sign

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